Rainforests in Indonesia

by D
(Boston, MA, USA)

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Rainforests in Indonesia contain thousands of animals and plants, and many more that have not been identified. There are rainforests in Sumatra, Borneo, Celebes, and Papua. As rich as it is, deforestation disfigures the forests.

Almost every day trees are being logged or cut down to grow homoculture farms, such as to produce palm oil and soy beans. Not only the habitats of the animals are being robbed, there is also little protection for indigenous people who live off the natural resources in the rainforests.

The central government is either playing blind or really ignorant. I witnessed firsthand how the local governments supposedly protecting the rainforests, making dirty deals to big corporations to cutting down trees much more than the maximum limit.

Other than through environmental organizations, it will be beneficial for the local people to attend awareness events about deforestation. Another way is also to crack down the corruption of local governments and big corporations that do not think about the future of local people, the habitat, and eventually everyone in the world who certainly worry about global warming.

It is not easy to take down corruptors, but maybe the freedom of speech by passionate journalists from around the world can help other countries understand the destruction rate of Indonesia's rainforests, thus pressuring Indonesia's central government to pass much stricter laws to protect the environment.

Barry's Response - Hopefully these individual countries come to realize the implications of the activities going on there and take it upon themselves to control them and their ramifications. Thanks, D, for your thoughts.

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Getting your home in order first
by: koto, One of the keepers of the ocean

Aloha D:

I so understand what you are saying; I also understand that we need to take care of our own back yard first, by setting examples before we try to fix other places.

I don't know where you live or what you do and that's OK. We are all in this neighborhood together. If you live near a stream or body of water, you can help your community by checking the storm drains that are near heavy foot traffic areas.

Take a good look into them and you should only see rain water. It all goes to where our fish live and drinking water, our life's blood, travel in the pipes under ground.

Many people don't know this, so we need to inform them. Did you realize that cigarette butts, for example, contaminate our water and last a long time. Get your neighborhood in order and then take on the world. What we learn from one, might help us with another.

Good Luck

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