Real fact not yet realised

by LEE

Our delicate planet

Our delicate planet

Many scientists have already been crying over the global warming situation, but none could have the time to look into the crisis as serious one. However the film of Al Gore has made me feel like death is nearing us in near future.

The reality of the emission of carbon dioxide is really putting us in danger and this is a real fact nowadays with all features. Day by day the level of toxic substances is increasing and thus it paves the way for other poor unhealthy life.

All major facts are embedded in the film and it is a welcoming feature in all sense. Better, it is advertised to other friends who have not seen so far, and hence the nature of the subject is fine and excellent with all features. The global warming issue has to be analysed well enough and seriously sorted out to identify the worst issues that are present in it.

In the future, the effect of global warning is almost seen as soon as possible as of now the people have almost experiencing the worse issues that they are facing up now like heat and drought, and it is not due to Gods' curse. In a nut shell, the world is going to face a dreadful issue in coming days. This is a real fact not yet realised.

Barry's Response - Sounds quite disastrous. It's my hope that the earth is more resilient than people think. Thanks for your input, Lee.

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There are also scientists who dispute global warming.

Their argument is that the data isn't conclusive and that global warming isn't as bad as Al Gore says.

Some people argue that carbon dioxide isn't dangerous, carbon dioxide is a necessary part of the environment, and human activity isn't causing climate change.

Still others say the film doesn't provide enough evidence to support its claims. The movie doesn't provide enough scientific data to back up its arguments, and some of the info is outdated.

Finally, there are those who think global warming is just a conspiracy theory. Global warming is just a natural cycle the Earth has gone through in the past.

There is some merit in these opposing thoughts.

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by: Monica

I was a bit disappointed by your sentences, Lee. With words missing and such, it was difficult to take your comments seriously. I found your comments to be more helpful than others on this site though, so thank you for sharing!

From Barry - It gave you a more well-rounded perspective because your comments had some substance. The style was okay, you used appropriate language and supported your points.

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