redbull cans are ruining the enviroment

by penney sohanger

Not people or cars, just the cans

Not people or cars, just the cans

These red bull cans are wrecking EVERYTHING!

I hate them for ruining the local stream as all the youths in my town drink this horrible liquid.



penney sohanger

Barry's Response - Really? Worse than any other drink that comes in a disposable container? Is there not a refundable deposit on those cans? Should it be increased? It's nearly 30 years for some containers.

I'm glad you're concerned.

Search this site for more information now.

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Red Bull is just part of the problem
by: Gerry aka KOTO

Aloha Penney:

I can understand the Red Bull problem, but I think it is the people that buy this over rated drink. They should be fined for leaving the cans behind. Red Bull should also pay for advertising on how and why their customers should dispose of the empty cans, or charge a deposit and then you will have people picking up the cans for the refund.

Penney, It is nice that you have a interest in taking care of our Earth. It would also be great if, while you're getting your local papers, radio and TV stations, along with talking to City Hall, to do something about this problem.

Also, check around your neighborhood and look into the storm drain sewers, like those near your shopping centers. Many people have no idea what such a drain is for. It is to take the rain water off of our roads so we don't have floods and it takes the rain water into our natural waterways, such as creeks, streams, rivers, lakes, or ocean. If you see trash, cigarette butts, or things other than water in them, you should see if your town will start stenciling them with environmental awareness messages.

You will be doing a great service to your neighborhood and helping Mother Nature at the same time.

Good luck Penney, your on the right track

Barry's Response - Thanks Gerry. Your commitment to this problem is exemplary.

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