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Reduce heat created by A/c

by Prakash
(Bangalore, INDIA)

Air conditioners all in a row

Air conditioners all in a row

How can we Reduce heat created by A/c? Nowadays people in different countries require air conditioning (A/c) even in winter. Instead they can just open windows and doors for few hours to bring down the room temperature.

A/c is hugely used in the corporate world; just imagine those huge A/c outdoor units eject so much of hot air which pollutes the atmosphere, if those companies can afford to switch off their air conditioner in winter there will be so much of change in the temperature outside. People inside those big walls do not even bother that more than 40% of the population is doing business outside under the SUN and they should allow even them to live.

This is just a small example if we can put down this luxury and use it only when required we can save and let others Live.

Year on Year we can feel the difference in atmosphere - let it be in heat or cold both the temperatures are rising, and if we cannot reduce it at least we can think of stopping it and not letting it to increase and further.

Other way round trees are getting vanished due to urbanization we can help by planting saplings which will stay for long number of years thus increasing the percentage of oxygen in the atmosphere.

Barry's Response - a couple of ideas here, Prakash. Lets hope the population as a whole will think about the ramifications of their activities as we all become more informed.

Moderating your use of air conditioning is one way to help our atmosphere. Check this list for others ways to control air pollution.

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