by William
(Boston, MA)

Turtle from Galápagos

Turtle from Galápagos

a) Have you ever visited a dense lush forest? - Yes in Equador

b) Do you know firsthand of any environmental destruction such as clear cutting? - No

c) Have you seen some good examples on TV or the web? e.g. have you ever watched THE LORAX? - Inconvenient truth

d) What is a practical way for us to maintain and improve these forested lands? - Stop over logging

Your site is great..keep up the good work

Barry's Response - Thank you, William. It's good to see that not everyone who visits the rainforests is subject to the destruction we hear so much about at home. Let's hope many of the forests are left unhindered.

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Its good
by: Sucheta

It was a good read. Very informative and interesting.

forests and nature
by: JAI

One Thursday (weeks ago) was the first time that a forest fire spread itself near our town. It was still far enough not to get worried, but the fire nearly reached the boundaries of remote urbanizations; only 50 to 100 meters more down where the first houses were located.

The fire started around seven in the evening and was controlled at about four in the following morning. When I visited the place on Saturday, bits and pieces of the soil was still smoking. There was no more danger an official said. He also explained that the fire was probably provoked. It had started at three or more places and at this time at the evening there was no longer air support. "A calculated action," they thought.

Whether the fire was really the work of a pyromane remains to be verified, but chances are likely: statistics often point in that way.


This is very interesting. I like this imagery is very much. please provide more information about this page.Thank you.

by: Anonymous

The imagery is gives the notation that the site is narrating about dense forests.

Needs Work
by: Kattie

There are spelling, grammar, and capitalization errors in the article. It is also doesn't seem to have many related points. Barry's response to the article was put together much better then the article itself.

The supplied picture is only loosely related to the article. Might be more fitting to replace it.

by: smee

You doing a great thing through this site. Giving awareness is the only thing a person can do,rest is with the community.
Thank you...

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