Robotic Future

by Gowtham

Machine at Play

Machine at Play

My Science Project was to provide a Robotic statue which does the house hold stuff.

I acted as a robot with all the costumes made up of cardboard and stickers. It was very fun and interesting. My Friends helped me to do it.

Science education is a most important thing. The world is revolving around our scientific inventions. Whether they are good or bad, it was always fantastic and useful and a part of every humans life.

As some one said "Necessity is the Mother of Invention," science inventions should not stop. I favour it.

Barry's Response - Ever heard of the mechanical Turk? It was a phony robot that played chess. Audience members believed that this automaton could actually play well when it was on display over 200 years ago. Actually a champion chess player hid inside the contraption and operated it. And beat many challengers at the game. took this idea and created a task marketplace in which people outsource simple assignments for small bits of money. Their slogan says it all. "Artificial Artificial Intelligence."

Thanks for the description, Gowtham.

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there's a big world out there
by: Anonymous

If you are interested in robots, starting learning more about what's going on now. Now is the future so get with it.

by: Anonymous

I think this idea is very interesting. I love it.

Great Future of Robots
by: Anonymous

Using only cardboards and stickers and making a robot is great thinking. If this can happen it can create furore and widespread appreciation from all quarters. It is really creative and new.

by: Anonymous

robotic feature was very fun and interesting

good stuff
by: jenish

only cardboards and stickers cannot make a robot.there should be reality in your thinking.think of some creative ideas and then you can design your own robots

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