Save our planet provide good life to future people

by Mahesh Kumar

Waste not Want not

Waste not Want not

All our ancient people lived eco-friendly and survived with peaceful life. Because of that we people are enjoying nature and started spoiling too. So if we save water and the environment it will be more helpful to future people.

Barry's Response - For generations upon generations, our ancestors got along just fine. Maybe because there were less of them. That's certainly part of it, but there was less industry, usage and waste per person as well.

For generations in the future, we (and they) will devise solutions, ways to become more efficient and put these current problems behind them. They shall.

The modern portion of human history begins a century or so before the beginning of the industrial revolution, maybe as early as 1500. The rise in scientific thinking during and following the Renaissance, along with increased usage of Gutenburg's printing press and capitalism, led to an explosion of knowledge and technology.

European empires took over the world, one after another, generally tracking westward, until Pax Britannica from 1815 to 1914 (WW I), where the infantile industrial revolution altered the world forever. Now humankind had mass production and its related technologies to bring us our needed goods with less labour than before.

The people used coal as their main energy source. New transportation and utilities led to industrial pollution like never seen before.

Add to that the world wars of the early 20th Century. Now we had pollution and large-scale devastation combined. After them came decades of fright surrounding the availability and use of nuclear technology. But increased understanding of the environment and examples of improved conditions came about during this period.

Bit-by-bit we abandoned coal and move to petroleum as our chief energy source. And even though low-powered electronic devices have become a major part of our infrastructure, our energy use has continued to rise along with our concerns about global warming.

We will see what's next.

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