by Ginny
(Florida Keys, USA)

Saving our Beautiful Coral Reefs

Saving our Beautiful Coral Reefs

I live on a tropical island in the USA. It is protected from storms by a reef about twelve miles out to sea. Not long ago I went on the local glass bottom boat along with a group of hotel concierges. We sat there staring through the glass at the murky water and a wasteland of dead coral absent of brightly colored tropical fish.

Appalled at the condition of the obviously dying reef, I asked the captain why on earth he would be taking people out to look at this awful sight. He really had no reply other than to tell me, "It's better now. You should'a seen it a few years ago!" Speechless, I now saw for myself what the pollution of the sea water had been doing to the reef.

The "few years ago" the captain recalled was probably before the Federal government forced the city to stop spewing their sewage directly into near shore waters and put in a waste treatment plant. Unfortunately, at about the same time, the city began allowing larger and more numerous cruise ships to dock at their tiny pier. The diesel fuel and other elements from these monsters that wind up in the near shore waters certainly are not helping the reef return to its former beauty.

Luckily there is an organization that has been trying to do something to save the reef. Reef Relief, ( and other organizations like it around the country, need financial help from the Obama Administration. Unfortunately for groups like this, the current economic situation will most likely reduce funds rather than increasing them.

Barry's Response - Allocations will be made as the administration sees fit. Everything won't get what it deserves.

I would like to express my sympathies to you and your fellow island residents who are witnessing the decline of a once vibrant and thriving coral reef.

Pollution is destroying such a beautiful and fragile ecosystem.

- The glass bottom boat was a powerful reminder of why we need to protect our oceans and coral reefs. Environmental challenges are starkly illustrated by the contrast between the current situation and the captain's memory.

- I'm glad organizations like Reef Relief are working hard to preserve and restore coral reefs. There's no doubt that their dedication and efforts are admirable, and it's vital that they get the support they need.

- Even small contributions can make a difference, even in this tough economy. We can protect and restore our oceans by spreading awareness, supporting organizations like Reef Relief, and advocating for sustainable practices.

- Your story and learning about organizations making a positive impact on the planet are both inspiring and motivating. To protect our natural resources, we need to be informed and take action.

- Explore the website of Reef Relief ( THIS website and other similar organizations to learn more about their initiatives, challenges, and how we can help, whether through donations, volunteering, or spreading awareness.

Together, we can help preserve the beauty and biodiversity of our oceans for future generations. I appreciate you sharing your experience and reminding us how important it is to protect our oceans.

Reefs matter. Here's a beauty:

Search this site for more information now.

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saving a reef
by: Anonymous

it is very important and thanks for the time writing this piece.
i should think about it more often then i used to.

by: Anonymous

Instead of worrying of economic fall all countries should unite to save our EARTH. Without head where is the tail?

From Barry - Every country plays a vital role in taking care of our amazing Earth, like a giant global team. If we all work together, we can create an unstoppable force of positivity and environmental stewardship.

Together, we'll make our planet a happier, healthier, and more vibrant place for future generations. We'll unite, save the Earth, and celebrate the wonderful journey of conservation and teamwork!

Environmental funding.
by: Anonymous

The Environmental funding is very good concept and thanks for sharing the information it is really disaster that our people are spoiling the ocean and also the nature...When i see this website it was really nice and interesting and it could be awareness website for the people who dose not know about the information about the present world. there are several topics and i want to know about more of the information so please provide with more information ..............

From Barry - Thanks for your kind words! We're glad you find our website interesting and informative. In order to raise awareness about the state of our planet and the importance of environmental conservation, we provide comprehensive and up-to-date scientific content.

To keep you informed and engaged, we cover everything from ocean pollution to nature preservation. We'll continue to provide in-depth information on environmental issues. Keep exploring our website for fascinating insights and inspiring stories. We can make a difference together!

Here's a sitemap to help you navigate.

stich at time saves nine
by: Anonymous

world over the governments are worried about the economy, but the hard reality is that only if the nature is safe we can enjoy our economic growth

From Barry - Yes, absolutely! We can't have a successful economy without a healthy environment. Our economic growth will be short-lived and ultimately unsustainable without a healthy and thriving nature. Governments and individuals should recognize the importance of environmental protection.

Our planet and our economies will be more secure and prosperous if we prioritize nature's well-being. Together, we have a chance to balance economic progress with preserving our natural resources.

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