screw industry preserve human life

by Bobby Pine

Preserve Human Life and Our Forests etc.

Preserve Human Life and Our Forests etc.

There is air pollution killing our once beautiful views. This is smog over the valley. That's about 40 miles to the top of the distant mountains.

I'm sick of hearing about big industry and their pollution. I want to breath clean air but I live in the valley of East Tennessee, the worst spot for air pollution in the USA.

We have the highest cancer rates in the country and most days we have less than 5-mile visibility. Only in winter does the air clean up but even then it's smoggy.

I live within 40 miles of the Smoky Mountains but can't see them on a normal day because of the smog. *Fact* The air in the Mnts in the summer months is so bad it can actually damage your lung tissue.

All polluters should be forced to clean up their pollutants and we shouldn't worry if it hurts them. It will put many people to work building scrubbers to filter out the bad stuff and save our health.

If they can't afford to do this then they should go out of business. Saving the planet and our futures, and children's future should be first. These companies are giving their CEO's big money and bonuses; maybe these people should think more of the people than themselves.

If we keep at this rate of pollution, we will be carrying around air tanks to breath in the next 50 years. If we survive at all.

We also need to do something about the world population as we can't support all these people, and soon we will kill enough trees that what's left will not be enough to filter the air.

Bad, Very Bad

Someone needs to sacrifice, even if it means we go backward 100 years to clean up our act. I think America should lead the way. We should get away from all the big vehicles we drive and make higher standards of how they run.

We have no inspections in East Tennessee and you would cry to see the crap - cars polluting our air and the big rigs that obviously have engine problems. Sacrifice what we take for granted but greedy selfish people think it's all about them only not the majority of us.

Barry's Response - Well put...thanks Bobby.

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gift of god
by: kevin patrik

Our forest are the gift of god, without forest a normal life of human is impossible.

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