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Seasonal Forecasting

by Adam
(Fall River, Canada)

Time to go Sailing

Time to go Sailing

How does seasonal forecasting work in Canada? Will Fall River Nova Scotia Get Good Weather And Seasonal Temperature's This Fall

Barry's Response - Adam, Go to the Environment Canada seasonal forecast index page at https://weather.gc.ca/saisons/prob_e.html and have a look at the prediction map.

From this you can see what EC thinks will be the situation until the end of September. Since I don't know where Fall River is, I leave it up to you to interpret the map for yourself. Now scroll down to the second map on that page. If Fall River is in a dark grey area (looks like the case for all of NS), it amounts to "why are you asking us, we haven't got a clue".

At least they're honest about it.

Now for the next three months look to the next column of links on that first page. Only one of those three rows will give you a result. Which one depends on when you try it. So try them all if you have to to see which one gives you a (probably bogus) result.

Anyway, good luck.

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Good Site, Bad first page
by: Evaroo

My first impression of this site after reading the first page was "What exactly is this site for?" It could use an introductory explanation on the home page. Long term (ie: seasonal) weather outlook pages are an interesting idea, and it would be great to have a site for every region.
I would very much like to explore more of this site in order to learn about pollution, weather trends, and global warming in Canada.

Lovely web site
by: Anonymous

Very interesting website especially with an ongoing climate problems going in the world today. Will be definitely visiting some more in the future.

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