Smoking Turns Your Lungs Black.

by Joe Smith
(Waco Tx)

Here's an Idea

Here's an Idea

Using a broken "dust buster" to provide suction, and 2 cotton "tube socks" as lungs suspended inside a large glass jar "diaphragm", I showed the effects of smoking 1 carton of cigarettes on one pair of socks.

The whole thing turned black on the inside and you could not even see the socks by the time it was done smoking an entire 200 cigarettes. 3 of the teachers in our school quit smoking that day because of my science project.

This was back in the late 70s, when they didnt give warning labels on cigarettes and it was still considered "cool".

Barry's Response Thanks Joe. I remember back in the days when a carton of cigarettes didn't cost an arm and a leg. Only a pair of lungs.

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by: Anonymous

I think that was a very interesting concept. I don't like it smoking. I think it is a disgusting habit and it could kill you. When will people wake up and realize that.

Now if only the teenagers will listen!
by: Anonymous

This was an excellent visual. Hope one teen will never start after seeing this.
We all have to breathe the air, the smokers, the non smokers and the animals. Smoke infects all of us.

Don't smoke
by: Anonymous

smoking is very injurious to health and definetly turns lungs to black.

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