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Stop The Habits of SMOKING

by Nur Sarina

Butt Out

Butt Out

If all people have stop smoking we will able to breath easily and the number of people getting asthma will reduce.

Barry's Response - Asthma. Sure would work. That is one of many sources of what causes air pollution that we all could reduce and help the earth and its people stay healthy. Think of any others.

Have a look at the benefits to the environment as more quit the habit outlined in the comment below.

Search this site for more information now.

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Keeping your smoke and butts to yourself
by: KOTO

Aloha Nur Sarina of Singapore:

I live in Thailand where many people are smoking and then flicking their toxic cigarette filters (butts) behind, polluting our waterways and leaving dangers for our not-knowing-any-better children and wildlife to ingest, making them sick and contaminating our drinking water. This trash also contaminates the water where the fish we eat live and grow.

It is very hard to get people to quit smoking. It is like taking away a pacifier from a baby in the sense that they will kick, scream and fight to keep it.

It is a habit that is very hard to quit and we can only try to train them not to smoke around non-smokers and to dispose of their toxic cigarette butts properly (because take may several years to decompose fully), not into our streets where they end up in our storm drains and then the rivers, lakes and ocean. The fish turtles, dolphins, water birds and swimmers suffer because of people who put these butts into the sand on the beach or in parks.

Some smokers understand and do not flick or leave behind poison for the rest of us to enjoy, but way too many either don't know the dangers or don't care.

You see, Nur, smoking is an addiction and a sickness that many people don't want to quit or are not strong enough to do so. If you were to start in your neighborhood, cleaning up and Search this site for notifying others of your efforts, you could make a difference and help in saving the lives of living things. This could also end up making your drinking water a little safer.

You, Nur, can make a difference.
May the force be with you.
KOTO Keeper Of The Ocean

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