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Sulfur Dioxide

by Angela
(United States)

SO2 Molecule Diagram

SO2 Molecule Diagram

how do you detect sulphur dioxide in the air, without fancy equipment?

Barry's Response - Angela:

Sulfur dioxide (SO2) is a heavy, colorless gas with an odor like a struck match; sulfur dioxide can irritate the eyes, nose and respiratory tract. That's probably the easiest way to identify it in an acute basis. Sometimes it has been described as an acidic smell. A sudden breath can produce a burning tickle in the airway and possibly a cough.

If you detect the smell of rotten eggs, then you have found hydrogen sulphide. This is a very strong smelling gas, so strong in fact it can cause your sense of smell to fade after a while. Problem: this gas is toxic and you need to detect it and escape it, and not be fooled into thinking it is dissipating when it's not. People in the Alberta energy industry have died breathing this vapour.

If there is a real danger, you might need to get professional consulting and monitoring in the area.

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Your Nose is not a gas meter!!!
by: SafeSide

Your nose is not a gas meter and I do not advise using it as one. You do not know the concentration of gas you may be walking into and you may become a victem. The best way we have to detect SO2 gas without a meter is to use a household concentration of ammonia in a spray bottle. The SO2 gas will form a very visable white cloud that will let you focus in on where the leak has occurred. This is performed while wearing the proper ppe, eg. SCBA's.

I hate SO2
by: Anonymous

The smell sucks!!!

Detection of Sulphur Dioxide
by: Anonymous

With its odor you can identify.

by: mini

Good information about SO2.
Very interesting to know about identifying the gas.
I would like to read this kind of valuable info from this site.
I will go on for weather equipments and global warming from this site.

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