The Four Leaved Rose

by Dave

Trace directly from Storm B to A to C; then To Sitorm D to F to E; then to Storm G and out over Lake Michigan; then to Storm J to K to L and finally M. These are the four leaves of The Four Leaved Rose of The Palm Sunday Tornado Outbreak of April 11,1965.

The Four Leaved Rose can be depicted as aSine2tgeta or the preferred aCosine(2theta). ArcCosine You will be off by 45 degrees if Sine is chosen over Cosine. The Four Leaved Rose is a very deterministic relationship as it is essentially a circular function with the leaves looping about the center. That makes storms and tornadoes deterministic as well.

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Tornado paths
by: Barry

It would be helpful if storms of this intensity would follow predictable patterns of this sort on a consistent basis.

Alas, man proposes and nature disposes (as she sees fit). As you can see here, atmospheric motions can be quite turbulent and unpredictable, and even the most sophisticated models can get it wrong.

Plumes dispersing in the Wild

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