The Global Warming Myth

by William Shaw
(Inverurie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland)

What do I detect?

What do I detect?

If carbon dioxide is causing warming of the planet, very slightly, then what a good thing that is. Let's rejoice in the fact.

People in higher latitudes, such as in Canada and Russia have to endure severe frosts and mountainous snow drifts in winter, with the ever-present danger of hypothermia.

Some of the most reputable scientists assert that increasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere does not cause global warming but is caused by global warming as the Sun becomes more active. And as for the acidification of the oceans, the burning of coal that often contains ferrous pyrite a sulphide of iron releases sulphur dioxide and sulphur trioxide into the atmosphere. The capture of these acidic gases rather than carbon dioxide from the flues of electricity-generating power stations would prevent this lowering of the pH of the marine environment, and that would not be rocket science.

Mineral dust could be captured simultaneously. Really, I should think that the Earth as a planet is far too cold and that the hysteria characterized by " time to act NOW " really time to worry about global warming now and "cut down on carbon emissions to prevent catastrophic thermal runaway!" originates from environmentalists who are paid by government and live in modern very well heated houses.

This carbon dioxide sequestration is therefore a waste of resources, wrong in principle and serves to put up the price of electricity, hitting the poorest people the most. Propaganda about "Climate Change" a.k.a. global warming, if repeated continually over years, will eventually be believed by the democratic majority.

Barry's Response - Thanks William for your input. A lot of people share your sentiment. You will, however, find a lot more who disagree for one reason or another.

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