The Ignorance of "Experts"

by Ellendra
(Madison, Wi, USA)

Step Right this Way, Folks

Step Right this Way, Folks

The overwhelming majority of those screaming the loudest about Global Warming, would not know nature if it bit them on the butt. People sit in their air-conditioned downtown offices all day writing environmental policy. Others hold protests and rallies where they convince themselves they're experts in ecology when the only "nature" they've seen are the trees that grew on their college campuses.

At best, this kind of passion over an unknown subject leads to poorly-focused or counter-productive decisions. At worst, it is downright deadly.

As I type this there is a group of climatologists trying to get funding for a project to spray massive quantities of sulferic acid, H2SO4, into the upper atmosphere. Yes, the same acid that causes acid rain, and they want more of it. Why? Because they think it will absorb CO2 from the atmosphere. Turn the air poisonous for the sake of CO2.

Another group is planning to dump several megatons of calcium carbonate into the oceans, hoping that turning the oceans alkaline will cause the water to absorb more CO2. Just ignore the fact that every living thing in the oceans would die, with the ripple effect eventually reaching every land animal as well, including humans. "Save the Earth, Kill Everything!"? Is that really our battle cry?

Last I heard, this second group had gotten enough of their funding to start running tests off the coast of Africa.

And yet, those who participate in the ecosystem every day, are ridiculed and shouted down.

Barry's Response - They say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. We know where to find good examples of that, don't we, Ellendra?

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