the power of erosion

by Jeremiah
(Ventura, CA)

Exposure by erosion

Exposure by erosion

I studied the effects of erosion and built an erosion simulator.

Barry's Response - What kind of a simulator, Jeremiah? A computer model, a physical model? Erosion can take place because of water or air movement. It would be interesting to know if you incorporated both.

What were the results? Did you find out anything that would be useful in real life? I'll bet it was (or could have been) interesting.

Erosion destroys the value of farming property by removing usable soil. Another interesting model would have also assessed economic value of the damage undertaken.

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nice site
by: Anonymous

Interesting Stuff Cheers!

Time to Wake Up.
by: Uday

Top soil protection is vital for the very existence of man on the face of earth. The best option is always to prevent top
soil erosion than to struggle for curing it later. But the point to ponder is when shall we wake up towards this grave threat.

The imagery was captivating and very much relevant to the page. I would like to come back here again.Try to include methods for top soil protection also in these pages. Uday.

Erosion power
by: Anonymous

The image is so nice but the information is not full.

by: jenish

what you have just gave a should explain about something what your are going to say right..??!

by: Anonymous

Really an interesting article. The image is so nice. The informations are very nice.The article is so impressive.

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