The Rainforest

by Sharlotte Chin
(Yangon, Myanmar)

Burnt trees

Burnt trees

I think rainforests are really important. Even though we know it, we are still chopping or burning them down. We have ended the lives of lots of animals. They lost their homes.

We need to save trees, plants, and animals. Why do we have to chop a lot of trees? They cure a lot of diseases and now we have just ended their lives. They have helped us and we won't be living now without them.

The plants take our waste carbon dioxide and gave us oxygen to breathe. We should be thankful to them but instead we are killing them. In the future, we will be living in a world of no trees and plants and maybe not so much animals as we know it.

The earth will not be filled with a lot of nature. Trees will be gone and we will be hoping they will appear again. Don't chop trees or burn trees or you will regret. If you read this don't chop down trees and tell others not to too. Thank You

*** Save the rainforests! ***


Barry's Response - "I Speak for the Trees" ~The Lorax, by Dr. Seuss.

You're doing a good job. Thanks for your input, Sharlotte.

Trees, and plants in general provide food and shelter for many animal species. Take carpenter ants for instance. At the same time, the ants protect the trees from other species of plants and other herbivores. The ants provide organic fertilizer for the trees as well.

This constitutes an example of a useful co-existence relationship. Though they are more complicated than immediately meets the eye, the natural environments of the world are full of them. Sometimes they involve several species, and our understanding of them continues to grow.

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