The weather in Alberta is horrid

A recent year starting in August<br>Compared to normal for Edmonton

A recent year starting in August
Compared to normal for Edmonton

The weather in Alberta is horrid (and I was born, raised and still live here)!

I definitely prefer the spring and summer over fall and winter anytime. The biggest problem living in Alberta is the length of the seasons, not so much the cold. Spring and summer are VERY short, and it seems that there is a lot of rain in those seasons in the past few years (I've lived here all of my life - 50 years).

Weirdly enough, September seems to be a great month (although it starts to get chilly at night). It's very hard to enjoy the weather here when there's so little of the nice stuff! So I must say, unless you are the outdoorsy type, it may be a bit extreme here. I know that I'd like to retire to warmer climes!

Barry's Response - As would most of the residents in Alberta, it seems. Why? Because the weather in Alberta is horrid. Thanks for your comments here.

Search this site for more information now.

I live here; I feel for you.

It'd be nice to have an extra month or two of summer. Since we don't, it might help if we were to explore coping strategies, shift focus, assist with long-term planning, and promote mindfulness and acceptance to help them cope with Alberta's weather. Here's what we should probably do:

- We share dissatisfaction with Alberta's weather. It's normal to have preferences and desires for different seasons and climates. Some like the colder ones, believe it or not.

- Explore Coping Strategies: find activities or hobbies that bring joy during the spring and summer months. I might also offer creating a self-care routine to boost each of our moods.

- What could help us Shift Focus: Focus on the positives instead of the negatives. Encourage ourselves to identify aspects of the seasons they like, like the beauty of nature, cozy indoor activities, or the sense of renewal that comes with each season.

- Planning for the future: We could then talk to the people in our lives about our desire to retire to warmer climes and maybe the could help us come up with a plan or vision for the future. Living in a climate that's more aligned with our preferences could be beneficial to our health.

- One other thing: try mindfulness techniques to find joy and contentment in life as it is. We could all practice gratitude for Alberta's seasons or find beauty in the present.

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by: olive

The weather all over the world is changing and this is not an isolated thing that is happening with Alberta. The days are getting so long these days and the climate is getting unbearable these days. The world is getting into a hot box in short.

From Barry - People around the world are facing extreme weather conditions like droughts, floods, and heatwaves associated with changes in climate. There's a devastating effect on the environment and wildlife, as well as human life.

Global warming is allegedly caused by greenhouse gases, which are increasing in the atmosphere. The gases are said to trap heat, causing temperatures to rise and more extreme weather conditions, like longer, hotter days.

It is what it is
by: NBM

Often in Alberta, despite the season, it's easy to lamment that it's less than the best.

Being born & raised myself, fortunate to have travelled both for pleasure & work, I have a few words of this I'd like to share.

I grew up having to brave cold winters and no stranger to a shovel .... yet, I never feared a tidal wave, hurricane ..... earthquake ... slim, thought a tornado impossible .... proved wrong .....

My point is this .......
Weather ...... Smart People can't predict it, ideas to explain it but not agreed fact, yet many have opinion of it.

If the weather doesn't suit .... destinations are many. Pick your poison.

Weather is the craziest beast on Mother Nature's Leash.

Whether it be in AB, or else where ..... you get what "she" gives. I have visited places and wished for the cold, safety of the prairies .... Tsunami, no concern ...... perhaps a trade.

Stuff in the air, ....... absolutely ....... has to influence. Alberta, by far is not the cause, major contributor nor stalled in attempting to lead in lessening influence of environment.

Anyone noticed it's raining tons?

Barry's Response - Cool. Thanks for the insights. I'll take our nature over the social problems so prevalent in other countries.

Social Problems

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