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The Worlds Coming To A Fiery End

by Kaitawari Rivas

Where's Waldo?

Where's Waldo?

Since the beginning people have always believed in some sort of end for humanity. I've always felt that Global Warming is just another one of those "endings". Mayans made a prophecy for 2012 to be the end of humanity, a prophecy has outlived themselves. i feel on this subject that it is unknown to know what is actually happening. Earth has cycles, hot ones and cold ones, the only proof is that it has gotten increasingly warmer. Is that enough?

Venus is a planet that we could possibly look to for answers. The planet is similar to earth in that GHG's make the planet to temperature hotter than mercury's(a planet closer to the sun). Earths GHG's compromise of less than 2 percent of the atmosphere.should such a small percentage be so important?

Honestly, I could care less about GHG's. Its apart of earths cycle to die and be born again. Maybe its another civilizations turn at the top. Its not going to happen in my life time, nor my childrens', nor my grandchildrens', perhaps not even my great grandchildrens'. if it effects my family later down the line i could care less as i don't know them.

Global Warming is just another reason for humanity to feel that there is an inevitable end. Technology has advanced more in the last hundred years than it has in the last two-thousand years before the 1990's, we can only rely on our future to take care of our earth. Our turn is nearly over.

Barry's Response The Apocalypse is Coming. Run for your life! Just kidding, Kaitawari, but you do bring up the point that endings have been falsely predicted before. It's a good one.

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Who is to say
by: Anonymous

No one can predict the end of the earth. Read the bible, it's the only thing close of telling us what will happen. Scientist can tell you how it will happen, so who is to say?

by: Anonymous

Some prominent scientists are predicting catastrophic changes happening within our children's -- if not our own -- lifetimes. Might want to rethink that not your children's children's children's children's children part.

The world coming to a end
by: Anonymous

It is interesting what people will come up with. I don't believe the world will end in 2012. We were put on this earth for a reason.

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