There are 10 types of people in the world...

by Trevor
(Kansas City)

Logic Component - Half Adder

Logic Component - Half Adder

Those who understand binary and those who don't. I use basic math algorithms daily when writing code snippets for my customers. I often think back on how my degree required 3 semesters of calculus and a class where the homework was 2 hours of manipulating matrices (no TI-80 or higher allowed on the test). Now all I do is try to remember if this array index started with one or zero.

If that didn't make perfect sense, think how reading about weather calculations was for me. Yes, anyone can trudge through what you have written above, but I don't have the background or desire to know what it means or apply it for myself. I think I'd need more background in the atmospheric layers, what happens there, and available measurement devices.

You also jump a lot. 6th Grade (maybe lower by now) temp calculations, college sophomore weather stuff, random math cheerleading. It does not flow, much like this paragraph and story in general. :P

The software designer products (Actuate/BIRT) I support, have a relatively large charting selection (similar to Excel's offering). But I don't technically use them every day. I just make them have the correct data so that someone else can use them to make business decisions.

"What's the most important thing math helps you with?" Calculating how much over the speed limit I think I can get away with at any point in my commute.

Barry's Response - Consider it a buffet, Trevor. Something for everyone. Anyway, thanks for you humourous input. We need more of that around here.

Search this site for more information now.

I'll jump around a bit with you...why not?

- Yeah, I definitely fall into the 'understands binary' category as well!
- Knowing how much you're over the speed limit is always useful.
- For weather calculations, I understand it can be a big leap, especially if it's not your thing.
- Feel free to ask me anything you need help with.
- I'm here to make complex topics easier!

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