This movie brings up an excellent point

by Tom
(San Jose)

Effects of Global Warming

Effects of Global Warming

Al Gore has helped put a face to the significant research that's showing the devastating effects of global warming. While I'm peeved that it requires a politician to drive this point home rather than the public acknowledging the countless scientists who have researched and studied this phenomenon, it is nevertheless an important message - ignoring the effects of our actions can be very harmful, both in the short term and long term.

Barry's Response - That was the point, wasn't it? He got that important global warming message across to the people of the USA and the world. Who cares what other roles he played in life? Thanks, Tom, for your comments.

If those concerned could get adverse climate change bumped up a few notches in the priority list for candidates, that alone would count as a success. They want politicians to pay attention to the issues at hand, and that can be done by educating the public about those same issues. Who, better than a politician to show that somebody potentially with the power to do something about it, can carry out that educating effectively? It worked for a reason.

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Good thoughts
by: Monica

Isn't it good though, as Barry wrote, that the news is out and people are paying attention to it, finally? I wish that we were able to see more how the different weather patterns that we've been experiencing in the US this year are connected to global warming.

usefull for global
by: bala

THis page is usefull to know something about the global warming

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