To drink or not to drink.

by Jessica
(Ohio, USA)

Municipal Water Treatment System

Municipal Water Treatment System

I'm really kind of afraid of the water quality in this area. Whenever the faucet is turned on and I'm trying to get a cool drink out of it, the water turns an opaque color for about 20 seconds. Disgusting right?

I frankly don't want to know what sort of creatures and bacteria are floating around in it. Given the area, it's something I'm not really too surprised at and I wish the city would do something about it.

I think this one is better left up to the individual to get a water filter so they don't have risk of getting sick from the water quality.

Barry's Response - Jessica. Municipally treated water is generally a safe bet, although, as you describe, it is not always that appetizing. Just so you know, bottled water can have its contamination issues as well.

It's required for nearly all major systems, serving the public. Local, state, federal and international water regulations guide this process. Organizations such as the US Environmental Protection Agency and the World Health Organization have their say.

Their purpose is to remove visible particulates and microbial cultures. Sand and other particles are settled or floated out, sometimes by adding chemicals to speed up the process. They then add chlorine or ozone to kill bacteria etc. and keeps the system clean up to the point of delivery.

Sometimes air bubbles in the water give it a cloudy appearance that lasts a minute or so until they all rise out of the glass. Other tints are just as harmless.

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