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Trees should be planted every were to make green because Ozone is in danger

by Anand Krishnan
(Coimbatore, TN, India)

Forest Canopy

Forest Canopy

Due to over population, heavy traffic, lack of drainage and unwanted tests make our environment very badly affected. So, for all this, all must be united and make the earth clean and green - everywhere the plants must be planted; avoid tree cutting; avoid to play with nature because if we play with nature nature will play with us.

Barry's Response - Play with Nature? An interesting concept. This introduces a sense of oneness with humanity and our home planet that many in the world might not experience otherwise. Thanks for your words and great photo, Anand.

Tree planting is alive and well. In many parts of the world, many industries include tree planting as part of their reclamation of land parcels once used for their operations. Tree planting can be used to quickly restore forested areas destroyed by fire as well.

Is there any downside? Purists prefer the original forest, because of the biodiversity contained therein that would take many years to develop in a newly planted forest, if ever completely.

Tree planting takes on an international flavour. The activity of tree planting thrives throughout the world. In India, for instance, in August 2011, a world record was set when nearly two million tree saplings (18.8 lakh) were planted in the Patan District in a single day. Impressive!

The Plant-a-Tree-Foundation operates in other parts of Asia. They convince the public to plant trees in favour of overcoming climate change and the destruction of forests.

One of the earliest tree-planting drives was England's "Plant a tree in '73" campaign. This was set up in response to a massive tree kill caused by disease prior to that year. Chapter 2 of this one took place in 2010, with the title, "The Big Tree Plant".

Just a few examples.

Search this site for more nature information now.

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