Try As We Might....

by steve patterson
(barrie, ontario, canada)

Keeping our species alive

Keeping our species alive

Every day, at least one living organism becomes endangered or extinct. These, and their predecessors on the list of endangered and extinct species, did not become so overnight. There was obviously a build-up to this event, be it a fast or slow process, in the case of each individual species.

As science has proven, there has been an unstoppable cycle of change within, on and around the planet Earth; changes so drastic that all life on the planet has ceased to exist for millions of years at a time.

Absolute annihilation of man-kind, as well as all other life forms on Earth, is inevitable. The disappearance of the species that have ceased to exist so far in our lifetime, is just the beginning of the process of elimination that will once again render the Earth lifeless.

There is nothing that can be done to stop this, or even delay the natural process that has been taking place since life began. Everything that lives, dies. Indeed, we can all grasp desperately to what is left of our time, as Earth's most proficient species, but the only thing that will truly be accomplished, is the mental comfort we may provide for ourselves along our journeys.

We can stand millions-strong for the sake of benevolence, but 'man' can not stop nature. We can not stop change.

Barry's Response - Hey Steve. This is like a really bad hangover. But worse. Thanks for your input.

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Indeed there will be annihilation
by: manoj

I am in full agreement. allthat is born has to die. there will be total annihilation sooner or later and no one can stop it.

by: Anonymous

I really enjoyed reading this article. I think we need to start caring about our endanger species and trying to save them.

Good stuff
by: Anonymous

Thank you for all your good articles.

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