Under prepared to manage our resources

by Ervin
(Amarillo, TX USA)

Save.  Reuse.  Recycle.  Store.

Save. Reuse. Recycle. Store.

For the most part colleges forget about our natural environment and push technology and development to our up-and-coming generations. The new generations do need to be ready to understand and utilize technology, however, they also need to be keenly aware of problems that exist with the environment.

Management courses seldom focus on wildlife and management, they focus on managing people and technology. When a management course does focus on wildlife and environment, it is often under-attended due to having limited seating or qualified instructors.

This shortfall can only be rectified by getting more qualified individuals to teach and lead in the field, and it doesn't need to only take place in heavily industrialized nations but also in underdeveloped nations (even more so than industrialized nations).

This is due to underdeveloped nations relying upon their natural resources to try and develop into an industrialized nation; this can be overcome by finding alternative routes to development.

Barry's Response - Thank, you Ervin. If "development" is what it's all about, you have made some interesting points. Maybe we were far happier before we became a developed people. I wouldn't know for sure, but maybe.

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by: Anonymous

Great article and good picture. it make good knowledge to people

by: benney

The picture is a good scenery . The information in the message also good.


The picture is nice. This is very usefull information to us.we have to make awareness about this to students. thank you.

waste disposal management
by: vidhansiva

The image somewhat related to the article.this article is very important now for colleges and other industries to dispose the waste in proper way.thanks for the article.

Good research
by: Raja

In my opinion, the picture of proper disposal is not that much related to the main topic but it suits for a subtopic. What you have said in the first paragraph is absolutely right. A very good research of the ongoing situation. We can also include what are all the remedies we can take to save our environment. This article will surely create an awareness among the readers. I would also like to know about Global Warming.

by: smee

Worthy article. It is very urgent to give awareness about natural destruction among youth.They have to fight for their future. This site gives lots of information about nature.
Thank you..

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