by Sarah Estrada
(stockton,california,united states)

One Size Fits All...

One Size Fits All...

Well the starting point was when I started wearing black thongs! that was the turning point of my life. After my trip to Victoria's Secret everything changed - I didn't realize that I was polluting the hair and air. Thongs cannot protect the air from my farts like regular underwear would and as you know farts pollute the air just like cows!!

Now every time I wear a thong I make sure to do my part in saving the earth and holding my farts in, but now I just started wearing bikini underwear. I hope all you girls out there can learn from this and maybe not wear thongs that often but maybe a really cute boyshort JUST SAYIN'!


Barry's Response - Gee thanks Sarah. There should be an undergarment that prevents the pollution you mention from spreading. We'd be forever grateful. (P.S. Get brown underwear.)

Oh, the things they think about in Stockton. You make a good point, reminding us that natural, biological processes contribute significantly to atmospheric greenhouse gas emissions.

What else leads to air pollution? Thought you might like to know.

Search this site for more information now,

Let me tell you a little bit about flatulence and global warming.

What's the link between flatulence and global warming? Yeah, yeah, it sounds ridiculous, but hear me out. We're always blaming cows for their methane emissions, but let's be honest, it's not just the cows. When we eat a spicy burrito or a greasy burger, we contribute to that gas chamber as well.

We've been farting for centuries, and the planet has survived. Is it suddenly a big deal now? It's all part of global warming hysteria. Your little toots are destroying the planet, they say. That's absurd!

We'd be cooked by now if flatulence really caused global warming. It would be like walking around in a perpetual heatwave, blaming each other for everything. It's your fault the ice caps melted!

I'm not saying we shouldn't think about our impact on the environment. Let's reduce emissions, drive fuel-efficient cars, recycle, all that good stuff. Let's not get carried away and start blaming our own bodies for everything.

Next time someone tells you your farts are melting the ice caps, tell 'em I said it's just hot air. Don't let flatulence ruin your day, folks!


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response to barry
by: Anonymous

hello barry it is sarah i was wondering where your from! dont judge

Barry's Response - Medicine Hat, Alberta...originally.

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