Warming of course

by Nora Mae Smith
(Port Orchard, WA, USA)

Warming,  of  course...

Warming, of course...

If ya take a glass of ice and place water within, set it down and leave, and when ya come back some hours later the ice will be melted..

If ya take a world with ice and water on it and place it any where in space. The degrees do matter to how fast the ice will melt; if closer to the sun it melts faster; if farther from the sun the slower it may not even melt..

But chances it will if it has the same effects that is has not with composting matter warm streets houses that produce heat that would actually mean leaking heat...Composting matter such as food wastes not properly breaking down as it should. Food could be better than it is at present...see what I mean here:

Add the many other hot surfaces of life: cars, trucks, the roof of the homes, apartment buildings all that black top in the parking lots... this all adds up to one big heating suppliant source...

The ice will melt places will flood not the whole world not unless there is a great shift from the movement of the earth surfaces.

When the towers came down, there was a shift of course - imagine the weight of those buildings - imagine moving that weight away from that area... now imagine the earth shifting back into the space that it had been in like a car going down a road with its tail winds ..

Earth, too, has one, even though it's in space. Earth moved back into that space its tail winds of its turns which has happened for many many centuries already... what happens then high winds and tornadoes and disasters... a toll of more decaying matter..

Bombs add to this heat list...it's not just the oil weight we talk about, it's the all of it. All! Now lets see, what else is added to the shift of earth and why California, USA was losing the houses on the beaches..?

They were building dams on the other side of the world and when that happened... what is lighter dry dirt or wet sand or dust.. if ya said wet sand or wet dust.. ya right no matter but if its dry forget it, 'cause man is the cause of our shift, the part of global warming. Its not just so many years of a shift, it's man and the uses of each and every thing man does...

Now just how deep did they say that mine is? Could they place some kind of earth positioning device within to stabilize it? An idea to stop the shift and stablizing our precious Earth...The Only Home to ALL of US!

Tell the truth or don't speak at all... She is too beautiful to waste!

Barry's Response - Thank you, Nora Mae. We love our earth,
The hot air and all.

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