Dying for a Drink

Dying for a Drink

There have been some water quality problems in our area. The water tastes too much like chlorine and sometimes in has a smell to it.

I think there needs to better a process and I also think they need to test the water all the time.

I never heard of an environmental consulting company.

I think the government should care about our water. It is so hard to drink the water sometimes. But at least it is not as bad as what others have to deal with.

Barry's Response - I'm sure you can find someone worse off than you in this regard, unless you live in certain parts of Africa, China or India.

Chlorine disinfects water quite well. It effectively prevents the distribution of disease carried by water.

So what's the problem? It causes chemical reactions in the water for one thing. The resulting chemicals of most concern are and haloacetic acids and trihalomethanes, which may be carcinogenic. However, we take the lesser of two evils in this case. Slight chance of these health effects or higher chance of serious acute illness from bacteria.

We know chlorine does introduce a slight odour and taste that many find offensive. Chlorine also disappears quickly from water during exposure to air, so although this presents a simple technique for making water more palatable (leaving it exposed for a while after getting it from the tap), this property may reduce the effectiveness of chlorination in some cases.

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