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Ways to stop global warming

by Jekin

A good reason to stop global warming

A good reason to stop global warming

We need to stop subsidizing the car, the world's worst polluter. Free parking by employers, landlords, and merchants must be outlawed unless an equivalent benefit is given for transit users, bicyclists, and walkers. Parking meters should be in force on Sunday.

Here is a place to check for Ways to stop global warming

Barry's Response - Thanks for the pic, Jekin. For those who are really concerned and looking for solutions, here is the description from the webpage referenced above.

Global Warming 360 will give you factual information about global warming, things that result from global warming, ways to make use of renewable energy and find a variety of renewable energy. Also, find different ways to stop global warming.

Read a bit more about how cars affect global warming.

Search this site for more information now.

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by: Anonymous

We have to save our upcoming generation from the affect of global warming. It has started to shown its affect.stop playing with nature.

Need to stop deforestation
by: Anonymous

The major issue for global warming is environmental pollution. The carbon monoxide that is emitted from the vehicles causes environmental pollution and it is also harmful to health. Doing things like using bicycles can reduce pollution.

green nutbars
by: Anonymous

We have to stop these green nutbars that are trying to ruin our lives with their dumb ideas.
If we can afford it why should we not use it. If you start making people pay for everything then they won't go shopping down town and the business's will suffer.
This global warming is just pretend anyway and they have the kids convinced by crooks like Al Gore and David Suzuki who both are making money of this hoax.

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