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Do it!

Do it!

I think that was a great article!!! Hi, I'm 13, by the way. I'm in the Energy and Environment Club in my school and they're teaching us that there's actually a lot we can do to prevent global warming.

It doesn't really matter if you're 8 or 78! All of us just have to do our own part. Recycle, plant a tree...You know what I mean. I heard this song yesterday and I'd like to quote it in this message: WE ARE THE CHANGE!!!

Barry's Response - Each new generation comes up with innovative strategies for solving the problems the previous one struggled with. This is the way it has always been and we call it progress.

I'm looking forward to seeing the solutions offered by "this year's crop."

Computer models have been used to determine whether scientists have reason to believe future generations have much to worry about. They incorporate elements of atmospheric physics, chemistry and other sciences to arrive at reasonable outcomes.

Some model runs that do not include any additional greenhouse gases added by mankind, instead they examine the long-term after effects of the gases released so far, which may include additional gas currently trapped in oceans and permafrost to be released.

Other runs assume business as usual and emissions are not reduced. The range of average temperature increases predicted by nine of the these modelling scenarios is and additional 2 to 5°C by the year 2100. All show a (roughly) accelerating increase over the next 40 years or so and linear increase after that. This compares with observed data showing values increasing in the range of 0.6 to 0.9 °C over the last hundred years.

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how many calories does it take
by: Anonymous

I wonder if there is someone out there that could tell me how many calories it would take to heat an 8 oz. glass of water from 35 degree f. to 98.6 degrees f.

Barry's Response Let's see, I work in metric. The temperature difference is 63.6 F which is 35.7 C, 8 oz is 240 ml. Multiply the two and that is 8568 calories, which is also 8.568 Calories (with a capital C, the kind used by dieters).

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