We arent harming THE environment we are harming the HUMAN enviroment

by (sheepborg)

The Subsiding of the Waters by Thomas Cole <br>The Birth of a new Earth

The Subsiding of the Waters by Thomas Cole
The Birth of a new Earth

With what we are doing we will make the planet a place where us humans cannot live, but we can be sure that there will be wildlife that will adapt and live on.

If we were really harming THE environment then it would guarantee that all life would suffer. Humans are so self-centered we think we ARE the world yet we separate ourselves from nature when speaking of the great outdoors.

We want ourselves to be a higher form of life when we are just another animal; one that is particularly savage. Our 'nests' are a little bigger and we think we own territory.

Realization is not something that the common human is capable of. That is why we cannot win vs ourselves. Nature cannot die but it can change.

Barry's Response - The earth will outlive us. We are a disease; the planet shall find a cure. Theoretically, anyways. Thanks for your thoughts, Sheepborg.

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from a different point of view
by: Rebecca

Let's try to assume that the Holy Bible is correct in its tale of the history of this earth, its peoples and creatures, and the circumstances we all find ourselves in. In any given generation during the past 12,000 years, God relates to mankind by His words inspired to men in the past.

The one and only creator, God, did just that - He created the world and all that is in it. Man rebelled and thus sin and all its horrific consequences entered what used to be a paradise.
All the effects of sin can be seen in man's actions and reactions in any given generation, and is also seen in nature. Man won't 'save the planet; (read the end of the BOOK)

God won't save this mess - He has bigger plans, saving the 'fallen' creature (man) and giving him a future, a paradise to live in once again. How has this creator God done this? By sending His only Son, Jesus, to this earth (proven in history) to be the atonement, the sacrifice, the reason there can be a reconciliation to God (the HOLY God) for man, and all creation groans while waiting for the day when faith is made sight.

good comment
by: Anonymous

This is one of the better comments that I have read on this subject.

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