we shall call this plain damn dirty

by kianabrown
(194 22 st irvington nj)

Care for our air

Care for our air

it's all about people being stupid and f*cking dirty because they don't care about other people or our earth.

Barry's Response - In many cases, yeah. That is often the cause of humanity's problems, environmental, political or otherwise. Thanks for noticing, Kiana.

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Talk the talk or Walk the walk
by: Gerry aka KOTO

Aloha Kiana:

You are right in many ways, there are people that don't care and there are people that don't know better. That is why people like you and I need to educate and also pick up after others, not only doing our part because we know better, but also setting examples.

Bad mouthing will not get the job done; words are just words. Walking the walk will make the difference that we need...you see Kiana, it is like trying to get a drunk to quit drinking or a smoker to quit smoking, you're not! All you can do is avoid and maybe pick up after them if you care about others.

Getting in their face will only start problems while setting examples and educating the young is our mission. Greater results will come from less bad words and more good action. People hear what we say, but see what we do and seeing is believing.

One random act of kindness at a time. You win with kindness and, Aloha, people can gripe day in and day out. Until you reach out and start picking up garbage and stenciling the storm drains, our life's blood remains threatened.

Action speaks louder then words. Good luck. Give it your best shot.

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