We should all care

by Kimberly
(Debary, FL, United States)

Care for our children

Care for our children

Our entire environment is vital for life. Everything that we do has an effect on our environment.

If people would consider the ramifications of their actions and who they will be harming, things might have a chance to change.

What parent wants to send their children or grandchildren in to a future of waste, health problem and natural disasters, all of which are caused by pollution? I can't see allowing my children to play in the ocean or the lakes when it could be hazardous to their health and well-being.

Barry's Response Thank you Kimberly. Our children matter more than many of seem to demonstrate. They are concerned, and we should be...at least enough to do something about it. Vote with your feet.

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pollution caring for children
by: jasmin

The first impression is a initiating for a action call. It is needed for all to care for air pollution. only if everyone take care, we can present a good life and future for our kids.

Global warming is an important affair which will change lives of many people who live along the coastal area.

by: Anonymous

Children are our precious gift,give them a chance to live.conserve resources.

Very True
by: John Breeze

It is sad that in all things, we act without thinking of the future harm that will come to our children. Unfortunately this is also true for the economy and wars.

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