We the People

by (Gloria Del Castillo)
((los angeles california, 90023))



We the people stand here today to show that our nation is under extinction and we need to act fast to get rid of all this pollution and trash in the world we need to dispose of it immediately or else we will suffer the consequence of dying and going back to the ice age where everything happened or the global warning could get worse and the world's volcanoes will explode and the "big one" earthquake will happen and the strongest weirdest storms will happen and we will all die suffering.

Now, America, do you want that or do you want to live, YOU tell me. Don't you like living with your family and having fun with them every time, or go out with your friends.

Now kids tell me...don't you want to grow up and be what you want to be. Come on, people, you could better than that. We're not dumb; we're smart, so use your smartness and help the earth 'cause if you don't...

When your in the sky, dead, you'll say to yourself, "I should have helped the earth to get cleaner, because I would be right now in my own house and have gotten a dog."

So here I stand tellin' you, "Help please help the earth, 'cause without it we're all gone."

With all due respect,
Gloria Del Castillo

Barry's Response - Wow! Pretty dire stuff indeed. Rumour has it, Gloria, that like we're in for some tough times.

No one knows all the reasons or all the results, but let's hang in there and see what happens. There should be better times ahead. Eventually.

Search this site for more information now.

Apocalyptic Echoes of Extinction

Let me see if I got it right:

On the desolate shores, a lone figure stood amid a storm of dark clouds, his voice carried by the wind, a haunting melody of warning and despair. In a symphony of turbulent fury, the waves crashed against the coast as if the earth itself shuddered at his words.

His voice echoed, tinged with an eerie resonance that seemed to pierce the soul. "To show our nation is extinction-bound, marching towards the abyss, and we need to act now." His words hung heavy in the air like a mournful plea mingled with the wind's howling. And as if glimpsing the specters of a grim future, his eyes scanned the horizon.

"The pollution and trash are choking our world", he said, his words chilling. "We need to get rid of it right away or we'll suffer the consequences."

Shivers ran down the spines of those gathered, their eyes fixed on the figure like pilgrims before a doomsday prophet. A rallying cry echoed through the listeners' hearts as his voice grew more urgent. His voice rose, carrying the weight of impending doom. "...or we'll regress, retreating to an unforgiving ice age. The global warning will lash out, and the earth's core will rupture."

The fire in his eyes burned through the chilling mist. "The 'big one' is waiting in the shadows, ready to consume us all," he cried. "And the storms will sweep across the land, leaving devastation in their wake."

There was a hush over the crowd as his words settled in like a dark omen. It sounded like a clarion call. "America, do you want that, or do you want to live?" he thundered. As his gaze swept over the sea of faces, young and old, their eyes glistened with fear and determination. "Don't you want to remember those moments with your family? The laughter, the love?" His voice softened.

The wind carried his voice even to the children who had gathered, their wide eyes fixed on him, absorbing every word. "Don't you want to grow up, be anything you want, and explore a world that thrives?"

He wiped a tear from his weathered face, his voice trembling. "Come on people, we can change our fate. We're not dumb; we're smart, brilliant minds that can fix what's broken."

As the storm gathered, his form was cast in stark silhouette. The earth is our lifeline. Without it, we'd be adrift in a sea of nothingness."

He continued with now a fragile hope in his voice. "In the afterlife, you'll look back and wish you'd acted. Regret will be your companion in the afterlife, as you long for the moments you could've had." His impassioned plea stirred the wind as if in agreement. "So here I stand, a voice in the tempest, urging you to take action. Save the earth, save yourself."

The gathering fell silent as his voice faded into the gusting wind.

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I hope this is a young person.
by: Andrew

Although this is a touching article, with a very serious backbone behind it, I can't say that it neccesarily makes me want to run out and go help the enviornment. Of course, if someone like her sees the implemications that we are having on our world right now in her age, then I have high hopes for our future.

From Barry - Perhaps the author's personal story is enough to convince the reader to help the environment. Maybe not. There are no concrete solutions or actions the reader can take to help the environment in the article.

However, it does create a hypothetical atmosphere.

Is this for real?
by: Anonymous

I am having a hard time believing this is an actual post - it's pretty funny as a parody of an eco-fanatic but I can't believe a real person wrote this.

From Barry - There's a lot of exaggerated language in the post that you don't see in serious conversations about environmentalism. There are also a lot of hyperbolic claims that don't seem to hold up.

All in the name of fun.

Yeah, right
by: Chris

Well, first off your grammar is bad. You should look into that (no offense intended whatsoever). I really couldn't read through this at all without laughing at various points here. From what you're saying (and pretty much the rest of the posts on here for that matter)...well you make it sound like the apocalypse is imminent. Yet another instance of believers gone wild.

From Barry - Let's not get carried away by sensational headlines and be realistic. It's good to stay informed, but not so much that it overwhelms you. Balance is key.

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