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by art

I Need More CO2!

I Need More CO2!

CO2 is not a pollutant, it is food for plants. Every commercial greenhouse has CO2 generators to bring the level up over 1000 PPM. This allows the plants to grow faster and stronger.

The US subs scrub out CO2 at levels above 8,000 PPM. We have a long way to go before CO2 would be a problem. Way before it becomes a problem, plants will increase the O2 levels to make the world a easier place to take a deep breath.
Bring on more CO2, it does not effect the temperature and can only improve the plant growth all over our planet. We may see deserts bloom with flowers and the oceans over flow with fish.

Barry's Response - Good thinkin' Art. Good strong thoughts and this argument makes a good deal of sense to me as well. Thanks.

These are definitely possible consequences of increased atmospheric CO2 concentrations that are rarely discussed. Light is needed for the photosynthesis process, by which CO2 is absorbed, to occur.

Keep in mind how well plants grow in a greenhouse, and one might consider that the greenhouse effect might not be such a bad thing. It is well known that adding carbon dioxide to the greenhouse atmosphere enhances plant growth. So what if we were to release concentrated CO2 into still water? It should stimulate algae growth and that might, in certain cases, be a good thing.

More about the connection between CO2 and plants can be found easily.

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