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I Need More CO2!

I Need More CO2!

CO2 is not a pollutant, it is food for plants. Every commercial greenhouse has CO2 generators to bring the level up over 1000 PPM. This allows the plants to grow faster and stronger.

The US subs scrub out CO2 at levels above 8,000 PPM. We have a long way to go before CO2 would be a problem. Way before it becomes a problem, plants will increase the O2 levels to make the world a easier place to take a deep breath.
Bring on more CO2, it does not effect the temperature and can only improve the plant growth all over our planet. We may see deserts bloom with flowers and the oceans over flow with fish.

Barry's Response - Great thoughts, Art. This argument makes sense to me too. Thank you.

There are definitely some consequences of increased atmospheric CO2 concentrations that are rarely discussed. Photosynthesis, which absorbs CO2, requires light.

Take a look at how well plants grow in greenhouses, and maybe the greenhouse effect isn't so bad. Carbon dioxide boosts plant growth in greenhouses. What if we released concentrated CO2 into still water? Algae growth should be stimulated, which might be good in some cases.

More about the connection between CO2 and plants can be found easily.

Search this site for more information now.

Now... read this next part in the voice of George Carlin.

Ladies and gentlemen, let's talk about everyone's favorite subject: carbon dioxide, or CO2 as I like to call it!

People say CO2 is a pollutant, but did you know that it's actually food for plants? Yes, you heard me right! For those green guys, it's like a buffet.

Every commercial greenhouse has one of these fancy CO2 generators. CO2 levels are pumped up to over 1000 parts per million. What's the reason? It makes the plants go crazy! They're growing faster and stronger than ever. It's like giving plants steroids.

Some worrywarts say high levels of CO2 are bad. Let me tell you, folks, the US submarines have you covered. When CO2 levels go over 8000 parts per million, they scrub it out. They're like, "CO2, get outta here!"

Here's the thing, we're nowhere near those levels on land. We've got a long way to go before CO2 becomes a problem. And trust me, way before it becomes a problem, the plants will be like, "Hey, let's pump up the oxygen levels!" They'll be making the world a better place for us to breathe.

Why not add more CO2? It won't mess with the temperature, and it'll make our plants happier. Imagine deserts blooming with flowers and oceans teeming with fish. I feel like I'm in a botanical paradise!

Let's embrace CO2 and watch the magic happen. Let's give those plants a feast and watch nature do its thing. Who knows, maybe we'll see a green revolution everywhere. My friends, it's a win-win!

CO2 isn't the enemy. Here to make the world a greener, better place, it's a misunderstood superhero. It's time to raise our glasses to more CO2 and a blooming Earth! Cheers!

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