What causes pollution in the outside?

by Kylie Bird
(Eureka, Utah)

It Hangs Over the City

It Hangs Over the City

Well, I am doing a report on global warming and pollution. I know cars cause pollution, but what else does?

Please help me!!!!

Barry's Response - There are two pieces to this puzzle. There's a connection between pollution and global warming. Wikipedia points out how global warming is as much a political issue as it is a scientific one. ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Global_warming_conspiracy_theory )

The second one is less controversial. Pollution comes from what? It's mostly caused by volcanoes, forest fires, swamps, mold spores, tree pollen, and wind-driven dust. Most of it is familiar.

How about the other stuff...the man-made stuff? Cars are bad for the atmosphere, we all know that. Trains, jet planes, ships, etc.

Power plants, manufacturers, refineries, factories, and related facilities like batteries or loading stations are obvious. Sources include compressor engines, incinerators, disposal pits, fugitive emissions (e.g., pipeline leaks), smoke stacks and tailings ponds.

Farming operations, especially livestock emissions, are less obvious. Crop mowing, fallow dust, and pesticide applications (like crop dusting) also contribute.

Noise pollution is another thing getting attention. Over the years, the public has become more aware of this because of transportation.

Let me know if this helps - Here are a few general ideas.

Search this site for more information now,

You see, pollution encompasses a variety of forms of contamination and degradation within our environment.

Basically, pollution is when harmful substances or energy get into our environment, disrupting the delicate balance of our ecosystems and posing risks to humans and animals. In the end, it's a result of our collective actions and choices.

Our minds often focus on visible forms of pollution like air and water pollution, which happen when pollutants get released into the air or water. But pollution goes beyond that. Pollution includes soil contamination, noise pollution, light pollution, and even the contamination of our minds.

Pollution isn't just a result of corporate greed or governmental negligence, it's also the cumulative result of countless individual choices and actions. We have to take responsibility for our own contributions.

The best way to tackle pollution is by adopting a multidimensional approach that involves regulatory measures, technological advances, and most importantly, a shift in our collective consciousness. We all have a part to play in minimizing our ecological footprint and making sustainable choices.

Pollution isn't an isolated problem, it's a symptom of deeper societal problems. As long as we cultivate personal responsibility and understand our interconnectedness with the natural world, we can make the planet cleaner and healthier for ourselves and future generations.

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