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What Planet are we on?

by Edward Thornton
(Whitestone, New York, United Colonies of ...)

Take your pick

Take your pick

On which planet are we really?

When are we really?

How could I be standing on any point on this planet and determine my location, magnetic orientation, gravitational level, rotation and speed of planet spin, the size and shape of the planet?

Why are the very expensive polar satellites be denied to us real time access?

Who built the pyramids and other artifacts and why?

Why is there pyramids or other large artifacts on every continent?

Did we really evolve naturally or were we a gene experimentation?

How many of the UFO sightings are real or holographic or implanted experiences?

What is consciousness, to be awake, reality?

Good Questions Fact or Fiction

I am contactable through cellular at 646-705-3286 and e-mail domains of ben1adams1@gmail.com. I am looking for a science based position starting at a neophyte level and working up as far and fast as I can. I am interested in a benefit package which includes and excellent salary (I have been blocked so I am money hungry!) an early retirement, incentives and bonuses, scientific prestige in lieu of defamation, maintenance of copyrights and patents under my name although liscensure would be gern (absolute guarantee on no shelving or suppression) and a relocation and housing start-up package.

CopyRight Edward Thornton 2009 All Rights Reserved

Barry's Response - Good luck with that, Edward.

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by: Ruth

I really don't know what the intent was here but I would not hire someone who could not spell on his application. And the flippant attitude really doesn't seem to go along with the position of scientist.

by: Anonymous

Who would hire someone for a scientific position with such horrific spelling? And money hungry does not go with science.

good for you
by: mark

dont really know what to say...
im impress...

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