What shall be

by David Cates
(Quartz Hill, Californa)

Nice Place to Visit

Nice Place to Visit

Global warming is a natural event that happens, humans have just speed it up by several thousand years. A black hole is simply an existence from this container of a universe into an unknown area.

It doesn't matter if we're going to get sucked in or not because considering how far we are from the nearest one the earth will be pulled into the sun by the dent in space the sun's mass creates. Global warming is unstoppable with our current level of technology; all we can do is prolong it until we are ready for it.

Barry's Response - Not the most optimistic outlook, is it Dave.

We are headed into this "crash course" as some think of it. Depending on whose data you examine (i.e., what was included and what was not) studies show world temperatures having increased by at least 1 Fahrenheit degree over the last century. Some, such as weatherspark.com, show a world temperature increase of about 2.2 °C degrees (4°F) per century. Some probably less, but they won't get any publicity.

At this rate a rise of at least another 1°F would be expected in the
absence of additional greenhouse gases. Doomsayers have touted the environmental effects of these changes time and again: rising sea levels, droughts, regional cold spells, storms etc. One thing we do not hear as often is health implications. Things like a more conducive environment for bacteria and fungus to grow.

If it's inevitable, well, there's not much we can do for it. Except prepare. I haven't yet looked for beach-front property in Tuktoyaktuk, but soon.

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