Whiskey Jacks at Arrow River

by Janice St-Cyr
(Thunder Bay, Ontario)

Whiskey Jack at camp on Arrow River

Whiskey Jack at camp on Arrow River

My grandson Brody with a Whiskey Jack at their camp on Arrow River, Ontario west of Thunder Bay.

Barry's Response - Looks like a good time, Janice. Cute little guy with a bright orange toque. What kind of bird is it? Is he feeding it?

It looks like they get a lot of snow here. My closest Environment Canada monitoring station with "Climate Normals" data is Sioux Lookout Airport. About 70 km west of the camp.

It's pretty cold here. It's only 2 degrees Celsius on average throughout the year. It's rarely above 0°C in January, and many nights can dip below -30°C. It's usually minus 10 with minus 20 overnight at that time of year.

Summers are fine, though. Typically, frost-free growing season runs from May to September. Camping weather in July is great, with average highs around 24, down to 14 or so at night. Sometimes you'll see a 30°C afternoon, and sometimes you'll see a cold night dipping into the single digits.

It's on the Canadian Shield and it's more humid than most of the prairies. Every year, it gets over 550 mm of rain, mostly between May and September, and 100 cm of snow, mostly between November and January, piling up to 50 cm deep by February. It's not uncommon for these people to get at least 25 mm of rain in a day a couple of times a year. And once or twice a year, they'll get 10 cm or more of snow.

They see southerly winds most of the year, turning more northwesterly in winter. The speeds are light-to-moderate, averaging about 12 km/h most of the time. However, 111 km/h was the highest gust recorded.

It's a typical Canadian climate, some might say. It's a nice place to visit..."

Now a bit about Arrow River's climate, weather patterns, and natural features.

Arrow River, Ontario, is in a region of Canada that experiences distinct seasonal changes. Climate and weather patterns are shaped by its location and geography. With its location in the northeastern part of the country, Arrow River is influenced by both continental and maritime air masses, which results in cold winters and warm summers.

Due to the prevailing Arctic air masses that can extend their influence southward, Arrow River usually experiences cold temperatures and snowfall in the winter as noted above. Ontario's winter landscapes are often associated with picturesque winter activities in picturesque winter landscapes.

Summer brings milder temperatures, so residents and visitors can enjoy outdoor activities in comfort. A nearby body of water, like a river or lake, may also moderate temperature extremes.

Due to Arrow River's location, it may also be affected by changes in weather patterns, such as the occasional influence of weather systems from the Great Lakes and Atlantic Ocean. As a result, the region's climate is dynamic because of periods of precipitation and changes in atmospheric conditions.

Stay informed about weather forecasts and be prepared for seasonal changes wherever you go. Whether it's snow-covered landscapes in winter or vibrant foliage in autumn, Arrow River residents can enjoy the beauty of changing seasons. It's best to consult official weather sources and local experts for the most accurate and up-to-date info on anywhere, including Arrow River, Ontario.

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