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Why I think this is all just a big money making scam...

by Ray Dull

Global Warming save the Trees

Global Warming save the Trees

I do not believe that air pollution is a major problem as long as people also maintain a decent balance of trees.

Giant factories putting out black smoke and trucks and cars putting out toxic fumes would be problems if we were stuck with the air we had,but we are not. We have plants and trees that process the carbon dioxide that we are spewing out.

I think that as long as we start replanting more trees,we do not need to worry about dealing with the stupid regulation of emissions. If it works you should be able to use it for factory work, if it moves, you should be able to drive it no matter what is coming out the exhaust pipe.

Barry's Response - That can go partway, for sure, but there is much dispute whether re-vegetating our planet will completely take care of the problem of any imbalance. Hopefully so, but unknown.

Some might ask, "Why should it be up to the vegetation to clean up after us anyway?" The underlying belief here is that is what they naturally and willingly do whether we are there to create a mess or not.

Here's one example: In the spring of 2010, the EPA held a meeting called "The Role of Vegetation in Mitigating Search this site for Air Quality Impacts from Traffic Emissions." Its purpose was to bring together the expert minds on this subject and see if any solutions to a growing problem would arise out of it. They list the contributions of each expert on this page - https://cfpub.epa.gov/si/si_public_record_report.cfm?dirEntryId=230633 - Have a look.

Thanks for your thoughts Ray.

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