yes , global warming

by chinnasamy
(ariyalur,tamilnadu , india.)



Man has been raising the temperatures on earth. Man can do a lot, but I think we are giving ourselves too much credit on this one. There is proof that sun spot cycles can cause changes in the climate on Earth.

One example is every time there is a period of high solar activity, there is also a drought on earth. Although the inferred increase of solar irradiance in 24 years is about 0.1 percent, it is not enough to cause notable climate change. So we should protect our earth from global warming. (possibly 2.0 to 11.5 °F), stabilizing the temperature.

Human activity since the industrial revolution has increased the atmospheric concentration of various greenhouse gases, leading to increased radiative forcing from CO2, methane, tropospheric ozone.

Barry's Response - Thank you, Chinnasamy. There is considerable research supporting both that human activity is causing the changes we have seen and are projected to see. There is also a substantial body of knowledge supporting the idea that natural cycles, like the ones you hint at, are the major cause instead.

What you choose to think both determines and depends on what data you choose to examine. Because it's such a large, complicated issue, people have easily become confused and lead astray down some random "scientific" path. Each one likely has some meaningful data useful for making a range of decisions. It also likely does not tell the whole story. Keep researching.

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