911 Pollution Solution

by Lisa



This is an idea I had on the day of 9-11-2001.


Barry's Response - This person felt quite badly for our earth, with climate change and air pollution from industry and transportation. Perhaps we should have something like earth hour: a day each year with no private vehicles or air transport.

The air over us was clean for those few days after the September 11, 2001 attacks, probably because of no planes in the sky. In the eyes of the author of this site, this represents some hope for the environment, that it can repair itself quite quickly if we let it.

The link above goes into greater detail.

What were the other air quality impacts, short and long term, of the September 11 attacks? Immediately after the crashes and falls, the New York sky became filled with smoke, dust and carcinogenic substances.

Many of the people near "ground zero", who received a good showering of this stuff, suffered ill-health effects from the encounter. The EPA did not determine that air quality had returned to normal in the area for several months afterwards.

Thousands of them developed illnesses. Many of them in the lungs. One of the substances of concern, asbestos, made for caustic and dangerous particulate matter in the atmosphere immediately surrounding the site. Drastically altered pH levels and other chemical parameters contributed to the problem.

Anybody who did not have to breathe there should be grateful. I am.

Search this site for more information now.

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One Minute Solution
by: lisafrequency

What about everyday at 9-11 a.m. there be no driving or flying? We need a joint idea in humanity some how some way. I am the author of the article being reviewed.

Thank You
by: Lisa

For acknowledging my idea. I know even an hour would be better than nothing. I think an hour a day would be really good. :)

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