Canada hot and cold

by CandaGirl

Canadian Flag

Canadian Flag

I lived in Canada for 15 years and loved it. There were days when the weather was cold (very cold) but there were also days when it was beautiful.

The weather varied quite quickly in Canada so a site such as environment Canada to check weather is a must. I check forecasts almost daily to know that I will be walking into a snow storm one March morning.

Environment Canada
has been my choice of forecast checking website due to well predicted weather and diagrams. I love the details that it provides for throughout the day.

Canada has all seasons but it is famous for its winter which might be why people think it never has a summer. For the ones who have lived there we are well aware that the months of June and July to won't be caught in anything except for a t-shirt and shorts.

I have since then moved to the U.S and am looking for a site such as this.

Barry's Response - Hey CG. Okay, you pass. You can come back.

Search this site for more information now.

Let me enlighten you about the wonderful weather in Canada, curious tourists!

Despite Canada's reputation for chilly winters, the Great White North has all four seasons. You can rest assured that summer exists here!

Each season brings its own charm and weather patterns. Let's take a journey through the seasons, shall we?

As the snow melts, spring blossoms like a colorful painting, bringing vibrant flowers and green landscapes. You'll hear birds returning from their winter retreats as the temperatures rise. With cherry blossoms in Vancouver and tulip festivals in Ottawa, it's the perfect time to see nature's awakening.

As spring gives way to summer, Canada turns into a sunny paradise! The country's vast landscapes make for endless outdoor adventures. Whether you're hiking in the breathtaking Rocky Mountains, relaxing on Prince Edward Island's sandy beaches, or exploring Montreal's lively streets, the warm Canadian summer will envelop you.

Autumn, or fall as we call it, paints the landscape with vibrant colors. Reds, oranges, and yellows transform the forests into a feast for the eyes. Drive along the Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia or stroll through Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario to see nature's masterpieces.

It's winter now, the season Canada is most famous for. Winter in the country is magical with its snowy landscapes and cold temperatures. You can ice skate across frozen lakes, build snowmen and forts, or even try skiing or snowboarding on the majestic slopes of Whistler or Mont-Tremblant. Not to mention the mesmerizing Northern Lights dancing across the night sky in the northern regions.

Dear visitors, Canada offers a rich tapestry of weather experiences. Every season in Canada has its own special vibe, from the blossoming beauty of spring to the sun-soaked adventures of summer to the vibrant hues of autumn.

Pack your bags, put on your adventurous spirit, and come explore this land of diverse climates. With open arms, Canada awaits your arrival, ready to share its seasons of wonder!

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Visit to Canada
by: tashalc

I visited Canada on a vacation with 4-H Club. I was about 12 years old. We stayed in a town that you could rent covered wagons. We also went to a dance and had fun hanging out with interesting people. One day we spent the whole day at Niagra Falls and going on the tours. It was an experience Ill never forget. One day I plan on taking my teeneage girls so they can experience what I did.

From Barry - They'll be amazed by the beauty of the falls and the sound of the rushing water. I can only imagine their faces when they see Niagara Falls for the first time. They'll never forget that day.

by: Tweak

Well, you don't write in very good English, so the point of this page is somewhat difficult to ascertain.

From Barry - I think we've stumbled upon a delightful linguistic twist, my linguistically perceptive friend!

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