A fantastic and informative film

by Chandra
(Sherwood, OR, USA)

An Inconvenient Truth

An Inconvenient Truth

Al Gore has hopefully raised Americans' awareness on global warming with this amazing documentary. It is very thorough and very touching, and Al Gore uses a lot of scenarios that everyone can relate to. He explains things in plain English, and the "PowerPoint presentation" sort of format he uses during his speeches that are portrayed in the documentary is interesting and easy to follow.

He discusses the various reasons for global warming, refutes a lot of points that people bring up against global warming and gives ideas for what we can to do help reverse it.

In addition to this, he is also a wonderful narrator and pleasing to listen to. His anecdotes keep the movie from being just one big lecture. Everyone who is on the fence about it or uneducated about the huge problem that we face needs to see this movie. It was fantastic.

Barry's Response - For sure, Chandra. Get a well-rounded perspective on the subject by reading this and other materials.

The ideological effects of this film are still being felt in industry and politics years later. It MUST have been profound.

Search this site for more information now.

There's a cool movie about global warming by Al Gore. I liked the way he explained things and had good ideas...

Al Gore, who used to be the butt of all those political jokes, is now the planet's spokesperson!

He's like Captain Planet of our time, fighting global warming one slideshow at a time!

You know, it's true. Gore turned a PowerPoint presentation into something people wanted to watch. There's a magic trick there. Hey, if he can make people care about global warming, maybe there's hope for my 'Save the Plastic Sporks' campaign.

If Al Gore can go from being a punchline to a planetary hero, maybe we can all be heroes. Who knew PowerPoint could make the world better? Pass the popcorn! 🍿

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Informative film
by: Anonymous

This is a very interesting article. I think it is great that people are still bringing up important issues like global warming now a days. This would be a great educational film.

From Barry - I agree, it's important to talk about global warming. Understanding and addressing these environmental challenges requires science-based education.

Ecosystems and humans can be devastated by climate change. Learning about the causes and impacts of climate change is essential so we can mitigate its effects. People might also decide to reduce their impact and adopt eco-friendly practices.

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