Al Gore is set up to make millions trading carbon credits

by Mark Burns
(Indianapolis, Indiana)

I am the 1%

I am the 1%

As you may have guessed, I am not convinced that global warming is anything more than a way for greedy asshole politicians to manipulate, control and damage economies.

I know that God made the world and He is able to maintenance it. Further, we are not doing anything He didn't expect us to. Therefore: Global warming is a fat load of CRAP and there is a very warm place ready for those who would perpetrate such a massive S C A M


Mark Burns,
I'd love to include my picture, but I have to go to work now.

Barry's Response - You forgot Margaret Thatcher. Maybe next time. Thanks for making your mark, Mark.

Everybody likes to talk about Al Gore's supposedly extravagant lifestyle. His 28 room mansion and and jet-setting habits made him the butt of many jokes. But is it all merited?

Both Al & Tipper work out of the home, not needing to operate any other space for that purpose. That alone offsets a major part of the perceived inefficiency. They use energy created from renewable sources and supplied by the Green Power Switch program.

They have been known to recently install solar panels to supplement that green energy thing. They look for efficiencies elsewhere, using CFL's and purchasing offsets to move towards balance. It's not perfect but not as bad as some have purported.

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Al Gore stands to make several billions each year if Obama's carbon credit bill goes through. As the Director of Generation Investment in London, with investments run by Goldman-Sachs, he is going to fleece us and make us colder and poorer. And he has a share designated for Obama too, but he won't get any of it until after he is out of office. It is being held by Shore Bank in Chicago for him.

I don't remember all the facts, but you can find them at

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