B S created by Al Gore

by Louis Scarlati
(Downers Grove Illinois United States)

...enough to fill one of these.

...enough to fill one of these.

All that this is, is Al Gore claiming that a process that has happened over Billions of years is a global issue. The Earth always gets hotter and colder. It is a cycle. Even if it is speeding up, it is because Al Gore and his supporters are filling the atmosphere with all of the hot air that hey exhale during their speeches.

Barry's Response - Yes, that joke has been made before. But you are correct about the cycles. See the ancient climates page for more about this.

There are many factors contributing to any climate change seen, whether this century or any other. Climate is always changing, usually swinging back and forth between two channel extents, but sometimes while trending to another new high or low. Kinda like the stock market.

It's only in the information/communication age (which includes network news back in the 60's and 70's) that we have become aware of changes in the environment that we consider sweeping. During the 60's and 70's it was a decrease in global temperatures that had global cooling pundits running wild. More recently, it's just the opposite. Imagine what will happen if a real crisis appears.

Any that hot air, a little film called An Inconvenient Truth, cause a lot of concern. It also caused a lot of awareness where it was needed. Now we can avert a problem, if needed, because we know about the potential for one to exist.

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first one to get it right
by: Anonymous

finnaly someone that gets it.
Sure there is global warming and cooling, it is all part of earth's cycle. We have after all gone throught several ice ages.

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