big fan of science

by filip

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Take me to your Leader

Hy, I am Filip and I am a big fan of science, especially astronomy and physics.

I was involved in some chemistry experiments back in my old school. We have worked with some great chemicals. We were watching many changes that where happening during ours experiments.

It was just great, but I like looking at stars better. We were not doing it alone, we were watching our teacher doing it, and that was only bad thing in my experience with chemistry.

I think it is good thing when students can watch that things that they are learning about, not just reading about it from books or on internet. It attracts a great number of people.

Funny thing about that is that even bad students are looking at experiments with great interest, and they got better grades after that in tests. From chemistry, of course. I would do it again, just if I have chance.

It is shame that there is not more that kind of learning in schools, especially in physics or astronomy. One thing I would change is that I would give students more astronomy hours in schools. Teachers should do that not just wait for somebody to order them to do that.

Barry's Response - I'm glad you're enthused about it, Filip, and hope that many other students share your passion as well. Thank you for responding here.

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height of big fan of sceince
by: Anonymous

I liked the contents of big fan of sceince.It is interesting to know that he believes in practicals rather than the theorotical and bookish knowledge.He is great fan of astronomy and physics. I do not wanted to explore the geography page because i, myself is fan of chemistry. I would like to explore for chemistry being post graduate therein.

Big Science Fan
by: Anonymous

All students have to read it as it is very useful. The image is well suited for this topic. such a nice article.

by: Anonymous

such a nice article. Every students have to read it. It is so usefull. The image is well suited for this topic.

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