Bill Nye the Science Guy

by Hannah
(Clovis, CA Usa)

For those who think the world<br>of Bill Nye

For those who think the world
of Bill Nye

I love Bill Nye but he tried too much to be funny. He is a scientist or a comedian? You just CANT be both!

Barry's Response - You might want to have a look at what he did first. This gives you his (or anyone's) core foundation, from which the life and career expanded.

Bill Nye started out professionally as a mechanical engineer. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in New York (after growing up in Washington D.C.) in his early 20's and moved on to the aeronautics industry. At Boeing (in Seattle), he developed mechanical devices, consulted to the industry and starred in company films.

That, along with his involvement in a local TV show, Almost Live!, showed his interest in performing and entertaining. It was one of the other performers on this set who jokingly offered the title "Bill Nye the Science Guy", and it kinda stuck.

He was now an actor, playing interesting science-related roles in various productions, most notably the Back to the Future animated tv series, in which Bill participated in lab demonstrations with Christopher Lloyd.

From this evolved his own famous show Bill Nye the Science Guy. Not only was it popular on PBS, but it became a widely-used teaching tool in the many schools. He stayed in Seattle.

This comes from the fact that, in his Science Guy persona, Bill is primarily a teacher. He has continued working other opportunities to educate children and adults (e.g., The Eyes of Nye), and has often assumed the role of a teacher/lecturer in other films.

So in the end, it's hard to put a single label on this one. Maybe we shouldn't bother.

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