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A well-oiled duck

A well-oiled duck

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It is about a bird that is dead and is at the bottom of the ocean and is polluting the fish and are water and it needs to STOP!!! ==[ =[ =[

Barry's Response - In addition to oceans, many aquatic birds have died in small lakes and ponds from industry. Such as in the oil-producing parts of Alberta for instance. This video gives a demonstration:

Nobody kills them deliberately (one would think), and increased awareness, technology and legislation should assist in reducing these problems. Good point, Ryan, just the same.

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by: Doli

I am very new to the term bird pollution and this is the first time that I understood that birds can also lead to pollution. This article on bird pollution was much informative. Keep up the good show. Thanks!

Storm Drains Our Life's Blood
by: Gerry aka KOTO

Aloha Ryan

It is not easy for us to stop ships from breaking up in the ocean and leaking oil, killing our sea life, but it is easy for us to start stenciling important messages onto Storm Drains for their benefit. Much of the oil and other things that kill our water life, ducks, sea birds, dolphins turtles, otters, seals, whales, our sea food, finds its way into out natural waterways, from things being dumped into our Storm Drains

Many children and adults do not know what a Storm Drain is for, and it is up to us to Educate them. Storm Drains take our rain water into our streams and oceans. Nothing but Rain Water should go into them, but some people dump oil, paint, plastic, cigarette butts.

All of these things kill our wildlife, If you're in school, Talk to your Teacher, Talk to City Hall, email the local papers, radio and TV stations. Start making some noise. We all have the potential of changing the world for the better, and you can be one of them.

May the force be with you

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